What do we mean by bring out the best?


A reliable, good quality service, under pinned by transparent value for money and regular financial updates and support.


Providing a tasty nutritional meal for every child’s growing needs (whatever their dietary requirements), that supports learning by helping concentration and improved performance in the classroom.


Using quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers (where possible), that have regular inspection checks and full traceability.


Professional, well trained, committed, caring staff that will get to know each and every child to understand their individual needs and help develop good social skills.


Market your service to achieve maximum publicity by having regular theme days, support at parent open evenings and providing relevant marketing materials.


Dedicated, trained district managers supervise the day to day running of your catering service and offer professional advice to ensure continuous smooth running of the service, to ensure it’s an integral part of the school day.


It is important that we successfully manage these services to enable schools to focus on education.  Our expertise ensures:


  • all legal requirements and food standards are met

  • staff are trained above the expected legal requirement, to ensure a high quality service is delivered

  • meals are nutritious and balanced, and all menus are nutritionally analysed

  • our team keep up to date with changes in legislation and food standards to ensure your school always remains compliant

  • we regularly check the standard of service via quality inspections

  • we provide high quality products that are good value due to our strict contract negotiations