Dudley’s school meals are proud to be part of history, dating back to the end of the 18th century. We are still leaders in the field today, and committed to our aim of bringing out the best in every child, by giving nourishment during the school day and in turn support learning.

Our history starts in 1879, following the 1870 Education Act when Manchester school board began to provide school meals.


The realisation that something needed to be done to feed school children came from proposals by Sir William Reynell Anson (Secretary to the board of education), after a report highlighted that 6 in 10 volunteers during the Boar War were found to be undernourished.


In 1904 Bradford’s local authority were the first to provide a school meal service, and in 1906 Dudley followed suit.


One of the first ever school dinners, consisting of Scotch broth, fruit tart, bread and water.


Since then, Dudley has strived to bring out the best of the children in our borough, and will continue to do so with our experienced, committed service.



Did you know...?




Produce an average of 17,000 meals per day


Cater in 70 primary school, 9 secondary and 5 special


Won 22 academy contracts




Provide a management service to 82 schools


Won 22 academy contracts


Manage the Cleaning Contract within 62 Administration Buildings


Carry out 84 inspections per quarter of the Authority Housing Stock